Woman Opens 13ft Stay Puft Man In Living Room, Has Instant Regrets

Mar Hicks should count herself lucky that she doesn’t live in London, her Stay Puft man wouldn’t have even reached his full size.

Apparently the historian was looking for a bit of a pick-me-up when she decided to open her inflatable Ghostbusterscharacter, which had originally been bought with Halloween in mind.

Measuring at 12ft by 13ft, it’s designed to be inflated outdoors. Once Hicks had started inflating the beast, there was no going back, as the fan inside its foot means that it goes up in no time at all. She said:

“It kind of just expanded horizontally over everything, knocking stuff over in the process and narrowly missing the ceiling fan.”

There wasnt a display model up when I bought it, so all I knew was what the box said about it being 13-foot tall. My ceilings are not quite that high, but I figured I could blow it up most of the way and see what happened.

Well, here’s what actually happened. Twitter users have been lapping up her ‘grave miscalculation.’





Here’s what was supposed to happen.

This story does have a happy ending, however, as she managed to battle her way over to the plug socket and deflate it. I’d imagine he’s now safely packed away until Halloween.

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