Watch These Shikoku Puppies Explore The Great Snowy Outdoors!

Whenever it snows, my mind wanders to how manychildren (and some adults) will jump atthe opportunity to go sledding the next day, or make snow angels. Sometimes, I forget that animals love playing in the snow, too! Watching these six dogs horsing aroundin the snowdefinitely convinced us that our pets love frolicking in the fresh powder just as much as we do.

These two cuddly Shikoku puppies are also having a grand time. Miku and You-chan areso ecstatic to be outside, where there is fresh air, though it may be cold. They each chase one another, pawing at the ground, and sniffing around.

The pups quickly start to tackle one another in a friendly matter, excited not just that they’re playing in the snow, but that they’re exploring the great outdoors together! After all, snow is rarein the part of the world they call home, and it’s possible they’re seeing it for the first time: they’re acting just like these two adorable husky puppies!

How can you resist these little guys? We wish we could join them!

If watching these two fluffy puppies brightened your day,

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