U.S. jet-blacks diverted via Iraq, abandoning Syrian rebels

( CNN) Defense Secretary Ash Carter did Thursday that the Pentagon is looking into an incident in which U.S. reinforcement airplanes assisting Syrian mavericks diverted to Iraq to strike suspected ISIS activists last week, leaving the rebels without mischievously required breeze cover.

Speaking to reporters on a flight to Warsaw, Poland, for a NATO meeting, Carter said the review will “see if there are any lessons learned.”

One aircraft running breeze backing assignments over Al-Bukamal during the recent fighting there was announced off and diverted to ten-strike at a massive escort of suspected ISIS activists that had been observed to be trying to leave the southern outskirts of Fallujah, according to a elderly U.S. official. Various aircraft were diverted from various patrols in different regions of Iraq, but merely one was taken off the Al-Bukamal battle.


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