Trying out Prisma’s new photo filter store

Photo filter app Prisma released an update this week givingusers a new way to browse all the differentstyles available. And for select users, theres also a way to create styles of their own.

While its calling the new interfacea store, the Prisma isntactually charge you for filters. Instead, it says the store is a new way to browse styles, particularly as Prisma keeps adding new ones.

There are 44 styles available right now, the company says. This makes people confused as they have to scroll through lots of styles they dont like to get to the favourite one. Now people will be able to download and keep the styles that they really enjoy.

Prisma also says its allowing its most active users to try out a desktop tool for creating their own styles. To do so, you upload a photo that serves as the foundationfor a new style, thenyou refine it by tweakingdifferent content weights and style weights. TechCrunchs Natasha Lomas found thatit wasa fairly drawn-out process due to uploading/processing/review times, though the company says that normally, it should take an hour or so.

You can see both new features in action in the video above.

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