Those Fitness Pictures You See Online Are Lies! Here’s Why

People are obsessed with losing weight. It has been a fad forever, and many people scramble to find the quickest solutions possible. But what if I told you that you could lose weight and look fit in only 30 seconds? You wouldn’t believe me, right? Good! Because you totally shouldn’t. Some people on social media, however, try to trick others into thinking that their results are real.

Instagram has a new trend called “#30secondbeforeandafter.” Essentially, people who share this hashtag prove that not everything you see online is real. People who look insanely fight might just be cashing in on some of these simple tricks.

These photos were taken seconds apart to show that you can manipulate your body into looking more fit in a matter of seconds.

Posture and lighting play a big role in how you look in photos.

Even strategic clothing placement can make a world of difference.

Unflattering lighting also doesn’t do people any favors.

(via Metro UK)

This is a very eye-opening trend to say the least. You can just change your posture and lighting to make yourself look much better in pictures, but none of this actually makes you fit. Try not to get jealous of people on social media. These before-and-after shots prove that things aren’t always as they seem.

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