This Theory May Prove Lady Stoneheart Is Coming To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Is Kanye West a novelist on “Game of Thrones”? Because til now, the demonstrate has been moderately heartless — or Stoneheart-less.

But that’s all about to change.( Perhaps .)

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In George R.R. Martin‘s notebooks, Lady Stoneheart is a zombified form of Catelyn Stark who comes back to get revenge on anyone associated with the Red Wedding.( Sorry, Freys .)

Her appearance on the indicate has been rumored for years, but it’s never actually happened. The attribute is such a big part of the book line that devotees even conjectured Sansa would take on the persona that are intended to squeezing Stoneheart into the show. Now, according to interviews and mounted leakages, it appears she may finally make an appearance — sans Sansa — but there’s a twisting implying another Stark …

Our assumption: Arya Stark will wear Catelyn Stark’s face to become Lady Stoneheart and kill the Freys .

Could Arya application her Faceless Men skills to become Catelyn Stark/ Lady Stoneheart and take out the Freys? Uh, HELLS YEAH! We haven’t really seen this out there hitherto, but it realizes perfect appreciation based on some recent information and throw interviews.

The ground: Maisie Williams’ and Sophie Turner’s explanations in a game of “Two Truths and a Lie.”

In “Two Truths and a Lie, ” musicians tell two things that are true and one that is incorrect — hence the identify. Maisie Williams( Arya) and Sophie Turner( Sansa) lately played the game with Yahoo, and they had some very interesting responses.

According to Turner 😛 TAGEND

“Ramsay dies.”
“Lady Stoneheart returns.”
“Arya checks three beings off her list.”

According to Williams 😛 TAGEND

“Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea.”
“Arya is in the trailer more times than people have recognized, because they don’t realize it’s her.”
“Arya doesn’t cross any more identifies off her list.”

OK, there’s a lot to digest here, and some of this seems contradictory; nonetheless, there’s a big prepared leak going around that seems to clear situations up …

The leakage that mounts the world: Ramsay Bolton maybe isn’t croaking in Season 6.

According to set divulges that have been pretty accurate thus far, Ramsay Bolton will likely make it through Season 6. If that’s the client, then Turner’s two other replies are most likely true-blue:

“Lady Stoneheart returns.”
“Arya checks three beings off her list.”


Lady Stoneheart coming to “Game of Thrones” would be a game-changing occasion that’d satisfy the old-fashioned deities and the new.

But there’s a big problem …

Turner also says that Arya is checking names off her roster, and, at this phase, Arya’s kill list is small.( Like, it’s really small .) In Season 6, Episode 3, “Oathbreaker, ” she refers the peep on her register, and it’s so little that even the Waif is all like, “You sure that’s it, bruh? “

One person Arya does refer on that roll is Walder Frey, a reputation who conveniently simply returned to the demo( wink, wink ). The questions is that Frey would probably be Stoneheart’s target, too, since her intent is basically to punish parties for the Red Wedding.

So, how can Arya and Stoneheart both take out Frey? Thankfully, Williams’ true-blue reactions clear this up 😛 TAGEND

“Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea.”
“Arya is in the trailer more experiences than parties have recognise, because they don’t realise it’s her.”

If Arya does appear in the trailer more than we know, it’s likely because she’s utilizing her Faceless Men trained to take other people’s identities. And what better behavior to cross Frey off her index than going back to Westeros, presupposing the identity of Catelyn Stark/ Lady Stoneheart, and perhaps gate-crashing two seconds “Red Wedding”?

( Side note: The establish already indicated there would be another Frey wedding ceremony practice back in Season 3 — after Catelyn Stark killed Walder Frey’s wife, Roose Bolton tells Frey, “You’ll be necessitating a new young girl.” We requested Roose Bolton himself, performer Michael McElhatton, if he envisioned perhaps that vistum could’ve been hinting at another Red Wedding coming. He said he’d love to see Frey come back because he’s still “alive, and he’s still a very powerful man.” And Frey did just revert with a woman by his side in the last chapter, but it’s ambiguous if this is a new spouse or not .)

More proof …

Still not persuasion? Well, get ready to know something, Jon Snow.

From shedding information, we know attributes from the Brotherhood Without Banners will be displayed in Season 6.( This is the group that Lady Stoneheart eventually contributes in the books .) The Brotherhood too got a mention in the most recent occurrence. In additive, Bran’s flashbacks included portraits of the Red Wedding. That, and the revert of Frey, have many imagining this is a clear indication that Stoneheart is coming.

“Game of Thrones” director Alex Gravespreviously responded Stoneheart wasn’t added to the appearance because the narration didn’t truly fit in at the time, and it’d be bizarre to bring back Catelyn Stark actress Michelle Fairley only to kill people as a zombie. Well, with Arya’s ability to take on identities and the recent form of Walder Frey, it seems like it’d sure make sense now.

Brace yourselves. Stoneheart is( likely) coming …

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