This Girl Fell Down A Nightclub Staircase, But She Did It With Some Serious Style

    If you’ve ever fallen down a flight of stairs in a nightclub, then you’ll know it doesn’t always end well.

    You land embarrassed in a pile of grime and spilled vodka coke, and then you wake up the next morning with a bruise and you’re a little hazy about how you got it…

    One girl, however, managed to make her tumble graceful, to say the least.

    Featured on Level Nightclub’s Facebook page, Olivia’s “fall of the week” is Strictly Come Dancing worthy.

    Check it out:

    Fall of the week goes to one our regulars Olivia, for this attempt on Friday night Don’t worry, she didn’t hurt herself, she’s just nursing a bruised ego

    Posted by Level Nightclub Bolton on Sunday, 20 March 2016

    Olivia, we wish we were half as graceful as you.

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