This Creepy “Floating McDonalds” Has Been Abandoned For 30 Years

    Back in 1986, McDonald’s spent $8 million ona floating restaurant in Canada.

    Featured at the popular Vancouver Expo, the ‘McBarge’ was a big hit, at least at first. People seemed to love eating their fast food while they were sailing– the views were spectacular, and the “futuristic” decor proved popular.

    But, when the expo finished and the crowds died down, the restaurant closed. Since then it has been left abandoned, floating off the coast of Canada.

    This is the McBarge in its heyday:

    Now, it’s just a little bit creepy…

    Is anyone else at all reminded of this..?

    Abandoning buildings are creepy enough, but an abandoned barge? That’s enough to send shivers down your spine…

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