The ‘Creepy Pastas’ That American Horror Story: Season 6 Could Terrify Us With

    Last week we heard rumours that the sixth season of American Horror Story would be based on Slenderman – a fictional, supernatural internet character whommany have convinced themselves actually exists.

    Initially conceived by one useron popular wikia ‘Creepy Pasta’, Slenderman has become almost folklore, as more and more people tell tales in which he appears, abducts and kills.

    But, his isn’t the only story out there that AHS could make great.As it turns out, the wikia ‘Creepy Pasta’ is a mine of inspiration. The very place Slenderman became famous also plays host to a plethora of disturbing – usually terrifying – horror stories.

    Anyone can submit one, and although they are (probably) fictional, they’re written as true anecdotes, often from the writer’s own ‘experience’.

    Seriously, if you’re into your horror, this is the place to kill time on the internet… And it’s also a great place to get inspiration… Here are a few of the more famous ‘creepypasta’ stories, which we think would be great source material for AHS.

    1. The Russian Sleep Experiment

    In the 1940s, Russian researchers decided to find out what extreme sleep deprivation could do to a person. They took five political prisoners, and sealed them in a room pumped full of a gas based stimulant. With enough food to last them for over a month, books to read and cots to reston, the prisoners were not going to be allowed to sleep for 30 days.

    After four dayspassed without any remarkable incident, the prisoners started displaying unusual behaviour around the five day mark. They stopped talking to each other, and would instead whisper to the microphones and one-way mirrors that the experimenters were using to observe them.

    After nine days, two of the prisoners began screaming. The other two, instead of joining it, ripped pages from the books and used their own faeces to paste them to the mirrors. Now, the experimenters couldn’t see them. And shortly after, the screaming stopped.

    After three days of silence from the prisoners, who the experimenters knew – by measuring the oxygen consumption in the room – were still awake and alive, it was decided to open the chamber, and see what was going on inside.

    You can read the full story here, but needless to say, what they found wasn’t pretty. One of the subjects was dead, and the other fourwere completely eviscerated. They’d pulled out their own abdominal organs – which were still attached, and fanned on the floor around them – and were staying alive by eating their own flesh and muscle.


    In 1999, Elliot – ayoung child – stumbled across a low-budget TV channel that was only on air for a couple of hours a day. It had a few different programmes: one with a man who wore a bear mask and invited kids on as guests,and anotherwhich just featured hands – not even puppets – which performed little sketches.

    Elliot thoughtthe channel was weird, but enjoyed it enough to respond with a letter when the bear-masked man invited kids to apply to ‘visit his basement’. And, thinking that it was a legitimate children’s TV show, his dad agreedto drive him up to the house where it was filmed.

    Luckily, the police arrived before they did. The man running the channel was actually a cultist, kidnapping children, forcing them to participate in these programmes, and killing them. He’d escaped before police could arrest him, however, and for Elliot – the one who got away –the story wasn’t quite over… You can read the rest of his ‘blog’ here.

    3.Ted the Caver

    There probably aren’t enough characters in this story to support AHS’s ensemble cast, but it’s a creepy one.. Two keen cavers discover a tiny hole that leads into another, as yet unexplored cave. They realise that by widening that hole, they’ll be able to crawl through, into uncharted, virgin territory.

    Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, everything seems to be telling them no. In the months it takes them to widen the hole enough for a person to crawl through, they hear mysterious scraping sounds from inside, their dog becomes distressed, whimpering and refusing to go off and explore like he usually does, and then they hear a terrible, blood-curdling scream from within.

    They still, however, decide to crawl into this mysterious cave. You can read the ‘diary’ of this encounter here

    Do you have a favourite ‘Creepy Pasta’ story that you think would be great for American Horror Story? Let us know in the comments.

    Image Credit: ABC News, Movie Pilot, Listverse, Creepy Pasta, Mashable

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