Telford to commission child abuse examination

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Media captionCall for full ‘child sexual exploitation inquiry’ for Telford

An immediate inquest is to be held into current and historical child sexual abuse in Telford.

A Sunday Mirror article last-place month claimed 1,000 children may have been abused in the town since the 1980 s.

Until Saturday, elderly councillors had called for the government to take the lead on any investigation.

But now Labour councillors have backed a motion by the resist Conservative group in a unanimous decision to set up an independent, council-led inquiry.

Midlands Live: Two-year-old boy in fatal disintegrate named; suspected opened fire at petrol station Image caption About 250 campaigners met outside the meeting to call for an inquiry Image caption A revaluation published in 2016 agreed there used “far more” victims of child sexual exploitation than those who had come forward Image caption The parliament said it is going to “move quickly”



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