Shocking ‘Body Freaks’ Documentary Showcases Some Extreme Transformations

    Channel 5 hasbroadcast a lot of documentaries in its time – from Extreme Ice Road Truckers, to Too Fat To Fly, and fromChris Tarrant: Extreme Railways,to Born To Kill?

    Its latest – Body Freaks – might be the weirdest (and most controversial) yet. Following people who are addicted to cosmetic surgery, and who have spend thousands on altering their appearances, it has (over the course of ten episodes) featured a man who has spent upwards of 20k on his teeth, as well as another who – using binding – shrunk his feet from a size 10, to a size 6.5

    Last night’s episode focused on 25-year-old Jordan, who has spent over 100k on plastic surgery, all with the view of making himself look like Kim Kardashian:

    Viewers of the show had a lot of opinions about this:

    Also featured was Heather, who already has eleven piercings on her face, and wants to get her ears modified and her eyeballs tattooed (that just soundspainful to us…).

    You can see her before and after her transformation here:

    She told The Daily Star,

    “I don’t like being anyone else’s idea of normal, I guess.”

    Some people pointed out that calling the show Body Freaks – when a lot of the people featured maysuffer from body dysmorphia – might be a little insensitive.

    Previous episodes of Body Freaks – including the one that detailed a man’s efforts to decrease his shoe size by using Chinese foot binding – have shocked viewers, as they understand the lengths to which people will go to alter what we might perceive as very minor imperfections, if imperfections at all.

    Did you watch Body Freaks? Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Image Credits: Channel Five

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