Read this: How Trump protected analysi of adjudicate for being ‘Mexican’

Washington( CNN) It’s a impressive political coincidence that the judge randomly selected to hear the client in Los Angeles of a soul behaved to Mexico despite his lawyers’ contends he was granted protected status during the Obama administration is the same judge Donald Trump formerly alleged had not been able be partial because he is “Mexican.”

But it is totally worth going back to examine Jake Tapper’s interview June interview with then-candidate Trump, which get in-depth about Trump’s explains about the evaluate. Trump debated at the time that the judge had not been able be impartial because Trump wanted to build a wall with Mexico and the reviewer had Mexican heritage. That video is above and the transcript is below 😀 TAG 2 TTJAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: I want to ask you about the comments you made about the judge in the Trump University case. You said you thought it was a conflict of interest that he was the evaluate because he’s of Mexican heritage, even though he’s from Indiana.


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