One of Kickstarter’s Top Watch Brands Has a New Limited-Edition Release

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One of Kickstarter &# x27; s Top Watch Brands Has a New Limited-Edition Release

Wearing a traditional watch has become less common as people swap them out for fitness stripes and digital smart watches. But the watch firebrand Xeric wants to wreak the classic accessory back with their Halograph Automatic Watch, which compounds the esthetics of the past with the functionality of the future. The water-resistant Halograph Automatic Watch is powered by the kinetic energy you generate as you walk around, and you are able to even examine the mechanical rotor that propels it through the crystal porthole on the back of the casing. Because it &# x27; s so strong, you &# x27; ll never is therefore necessary to oust the artillery( which is more than you can probably say for that digital watch charging for hours on your nightstand ). And they’re all unique — each limited-edition Halograph watch is impressed with a number between 001 and 999. The Xeric Halograph Automatic Watch often exchanges for $595, but you are able to get one on sale today for $349.99 — that’s a 41% discount.

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