Meet China’s “Miss Bum Bum”, Who Has The Country’s Most Beautiful Backside

When we are little, we may fantasize about being a rock star or an archeologist or maybe even an astronaut. It probably doesn’t cross anyone’s mind to become “Miss Bum Bum”.

However, 20-year-old Gao Qian from Shanghai City was just named China’s “Miss Bum Bum” after winning a contest declaring that she had the finest derriere in the whole country. Gao now refers to herself as the “Asia Ass Queen” and the “China Ass Champion”.

Check out this video of her showing off her beautiful face and bum in all their glory below:

Her beautiful butt has gained her over two million social media followers on Weibo and Instagram, and she has been able to revolutionize her career and entire life because of her backside. 

Gao started her own fitness studio in Shenyang where she works as a fitness coach to train others who want to achieve a butt as amazing as hers. She regularly live-streams workout videos to hundreds of her fans online and they are worth the watch!

With her new found fame and fortune, Gao has bought “a home by the sea” and the “car of her dreams”. Who knew a nice bum could be so lucrative?

To maintain her money maker, Gao has a strict workout routine that can sometimes last up to six hours at a time. She does hundreds of squats, leg raises, and presses to keep her butt looking its best. It’s no wonder Gao is a fitness trainer considering how much time she spends in the gym.

The Miss Bum Bum contest in China was based on a similar competition from Brazil. Currently, 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira holds Brazil’s “Miss Bum Bum” title. The winners of that competition have also gained much fame and celebrity status.

“I follow Brazilian media and read about the Miss Bum Bum,” Gao said to MailOnline“It’s been my dream to attend the competition one day.”

While winning the Miss Bum Bum competition doesn’t exactly sound like something your parents would wish for you, apparently Gao’s family was onboard from the beginning and couldn’t be happier for her.

My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it’s a very positive thing to do,” she revealed.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think my father would be too proud if I quit my job to pursue becoming my country’s “Miss Bum Bum”.

That being said, my boyfriend would probably enjoy it…

While her moves certainly will tone those buns, I’m sure plenty of people will be tuning in just to get a glimpse of her fabulous behind in all its glory. She didn’t win China’s Miss Bum Bum competition for nothing!

So what do you think? Would you trade it all in for the legacy of having your country’s best bum? Considering how well it’s turned out for Gao, I think I would!

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