Kylie May Have Stolen Her Lip Kit Design, And People Are Freaking Out

    Can a week go by without one of the Kardashians getting into unnecessary drama? Nope?

    Okay, something to ask Santa for this year.

    Kylie was the latest of the Kardashian/Jenner spawn to break the Internet with her highly-coveted Lip Kits, released earlier this month.

    They sold out within 30 minutes of hitting the web and went for a fortune on eBay in the days following.

    Naturally, tweens and Kardashian-addicts alike wanted to see more.

    Earlier this week, the Kylie Lip Kit Instagram posted a now-deleted photo of dripping rose gold lips, which sent everyone into a frenzy.

    Heres the problem: That picture looked eerily similar to one makeup artist Vlada Haggertyposted on her Instagram seven months ago.

    Even though Jenners team reportedly credited Haggerty in the photo by captioning Inspo by @vladamua,” fans are still upset. The Instagram made it seem like the look was done using products in Kylies Lip Kit, which it wasnt.

    Thats not all. The packaging for Kylies Lip Kit shows those same drippy lips, which happen to be featured on Haggertys Instagram frequently.

    Coincidence? Possibly.

    But, it’s always disheartening when someone with more influence and followers than you is “inspired” by your work.

    Maybe it’s time to start giving credit where credit is due.

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