How to survive a parachute los

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Former army fitness instructor Emile Cilliers has been convicted of an attempt to slaughter his wife, Victoria, by tampering with her parachute. She subsisted a 4,000 ft sink. But how can a human being do this?

The ground’s getting nearer fast. You attract the line to open your parachute. Except , nothing happens. Your body’s still hurling towards World with only drag – air friction – to slow it down. So “youre trying to” emergency situations back-up parachute – and, once again, it fails.

The moments between this happening and the skydiver’s form thumping the dirt – or water – are frequently their last-place.

But not for Victoria Cilliers. The 4,000 ft( 1,200 m) twilight is a result of her husband tampering with her parachute was instrumental in several shattered bones, but not death.

Image copyright other Image caption Victoria Cilliers had the good fortune to territory in a ploughed field

Hers is far from being the greatest stature from which someone has stopped and survived. Harmonizing to the Guinness Book of World Records, flight attendant Vesna Vulovic lived on after she was thrown from a DC-9 at an altitude of 33,333 ft( 10,160 m) in 1972.



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