Greece Says Wreckage Isn’t From EgyptAir Jet

The disappearance of an EgyptAir jetliner carrying 66 parties over the Mediterranean Sea triggered a massive search for indication amid concern that a deliberate routine may have knocked the plane from the sky.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said drifting substances spotted near Karpathos Island may have come from the plane wreckage, EgyptAir said in a tweet in Arabic. Athanasios Binis, president of the Greek Air Accident and Investigation Safety Board, said the junk didnt come from the aircraft, broadcaster ERT reported on its website.

Egyptian Minister of Aviation Sherif Fathy said the possibility of a terrorist attack be greater than a technological los, after French President Francois Hollande said the Airbus Group SE A3 20 jet-black had crashed.

It is our duty to know everything about the causes, Hollande said Thursday at a news conference. As soon as we know the truth, well have to draw all conclusions, be it industrial accidents or any other hypothesis, including terrorism.

Investigators focused on the last minutes of the flight, which took off at 11:09 p.m. in Paris with 56 passengers, 7 crew and 3 insurance personnels. The aircraft, a modern single-aisle airplane manufactured in 2003, was traveling at cruising altitude before disappearing from radar off the Egyptian sea-coast. The airliner realise sudden gestures before swooping into a deep descent before air-traffic control lost contact, permissions said. Pilots moved no emergency signal, and their final linked with controllers divulged no signeds of distress.

Flight Path of EgyptAir MS804

While the cause of the incident hasnt been identified, mid-air emergencies are rare, especially for a relatively recent airliner. The condition in the field of the high seas close to Egypt was also good, with no winds or clouds, the Hellenic National Meteorological Service in Greece said. The abrupt departure of an airliner at cruising altitude and with no distress call from the captain at least raises questions of foul play, said Paul Hayes, chairman of air safety at London-based Ascend, an aviation consultancy.

I hate to say it but the immediate thought that comes to sentiment when you see something like this is the possibility of a bomb, said Hayes. And if it is a projectile, how did it get on board?

Hollande said no hypotheses are being excluded on the EgyptAir incident, as debris is researched for. Fathy said separately in Cairo that it was too early to call the incident industrial accidents. Search and rescue teams from Greece are contributing to hunt for the aircraft or its continues, joining gangs from Egypt and other countries.

Security Review

In Europe, from where Flight MS8 04 took off, authorities have been on high alert since terror attacks in Paris and Brussels spurred a review of security procedures. About 130 parties died in the French uppercase after three units of men is in relation to Islamic State blew themselves up outside a stadium and assaulted a coffeehouse and a concert hall in November. Bombings at international airports in the Belgian uppercase and on a subway in March killed 35 people.

Soldiers patrol by the EgyptAir Airline check in table at Charles de Gaulle airport on May 19.
Photographer: Christophe Morin/ Bloomberg

As dominions pieced together the final moments of the flight, a picture of abrupt disturbance develops. Before leaving Athens air space, the pilot was in a good feeling and thanked neighbourhood air-traffic controllers in their native speech, according to the Greek aviation authority.

A short time eventually about 10 -1 5 miles in Cairo air space, the plane swerved 90 stages left, then 360 degrees right before removing to 10, 000 paws and being lost from radar, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos told state-run ERT TV. Communication with Flight MS8 04 was lost at about 2:30 a.m. Cairo time, according to the airline.

The EgyptAir plane had traveled around North Africa and backward and forward to Europe in the working day before the crash, according to aircraft tracker Flightradar2 4. After returning to Cairo from Paris on May 16, the A320 moved back and forth to Brussels and then acquired journeys to Asmara in Eritrea and Tunis before heading to Paris on Wednesday.

The wreck of the Paris-Cairo plane follows a string of aviation-related incidents involving the North African country, including a Russian aircraft on the way from Sharm-el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg that disintegrated soon after takeoff in October reportedly after a bomb exploded, killing 224 parties. An EgyptAir flight was hijacked to Cyprus in March by a boy claiming to be wearing an explosive loop, but afterward perceived to be unarmed.

Youd expect security has been extremely, very tight at a first-class airport, particularly after what happened in Paris and Belgium, said Nick OBrien, accompany professor for counter terrorism at Charles Sturt University in Canberra.

Black Boxes

Salvage gangs will focus on retrieving the flight and data recorders, so-called black boxes that store key flight metrics and singers and sounds from the cockpit that can help investigators pinpoint the cause of a crash. Finding a plane after an incident, particularly over water, can commonly take hours if not days.

The MS8 04 captain has 6,275 flying hours and the co-pilot 2,766 hours, according to the airline. The airliners constructing appointment obligates it a relatively young aircraft compared with EgyptAirs fleet which has an average age of 20 years.

The A3 20 is Airbuss best-selling aircraft sequence, which started operating in 1988 and has a global fleet of about 6,700 sprays in operation, according to the report of Ascend. There ought to have 13 lethal crashes of the series, including, very recently, the disintegrate of a Russian Metrojet airliner brought down by a suspected Islamic State missile over Egypts Sinai.

( A previous version of this story was rectified to say that EgyptAir reported the debris may have come from the plane debris .)

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