Dear Evan Hansen review: sentimental high school musical that just going viral

Pop score and friendless protagonist hit all the right documents as Benj Pasek and Justin Paul production explores intense matters and commentaries internet culture

Can a act depart viral? Ben Platts should. As the deed character in Dear Evan Hansen, the new musical from Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, he offers playing so accurate hitherto so dreadfully lucid that it is necessary to overwhelm the operating system by which most contemporary musicals control.

Platts gesticulates, his formulations, his wording, even his vocal array which is impressive but tends to thin out toward the top documents all mix to contact the fretfulness, uncertainty and timorous goodness that define his character.

He plays Evan, a forlorn high school elderly startled of life, the universe, everything. Speaking up daunts him so much that he would rather go hungry than exchange chit-chat with a pizza deliveryman. His harried single mother, Heidi,( Rachel Bay Jones) tells him, You cant be successful if you never try. Evan nods, but you have been able that he speculates more strongly in the corollary: If you dont try, you cant fail.

A healer has instructed him to write pep-talk letters to himself. On the first day of institution, one of them falls into the mitts of Connor Murphy( Mike Faist ), another outcast with dose problems and a examine a peer describes as academy crap-shooter posh. When Connor kills himself, his mothers find the letter and mistakenly is argued that Evan was a friend to their son. At first this attention anxieties Evan, but he soon accepts the role and even briefly has become a internet superstar. Often he is invited to tell Connors category the truth, but he panics disappointing them and relinquishing his newfound confidence.

Watching Dear Evan Hansen, one often recollects of Next to Normal, another Second Stage show about a mentally needy booster( “its been” bipolar affective disorder there, nervousnes illnes here ). The sees share a director, Michael Greif, and a similarly slick pattern. But with its tuneful pop tally and teenage exponent, Dear Evan Hansen is a gentler affair, even as it takes occasional soreness not to oversentimentalize the material. When Evan presents a amazingly rosy picture of her friend, his sister Zoe( Laura Dreyfuss) sings, Dont say it wasnt genuine/ That you were not the being/ That I knew.

Yes, the psychological core can still turn rarely gooey, and the commentaries of internet culture, politenes of Steven Levensons chiefly shrewd and clever volume, are not exactly subtle, especially as realized in Peter Nigrinis projection design. But its hopeless not to care deeply for these personas, Platts Evan most of all.

Near the plays discontinue, Platt positively glistens with sweat and spitting and rips. Yet one never has the sense of relevant actors intentionally winding himself up to deliver a visceral accomplishment. Theres obvious maintenance taken in the way he offers Evans cringing smile, his withdrawn giggle, his dres of pulling at his invests as though searching for someone to hold onto. But all of these details feel lived, organic, unrehearsed. And Platts ability to convey feeling through psalm is simply superb and often profoundly heartrending. A Facebook like is the least “the mens” deserves.

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