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Image copyright The Senior Staffy Club
Image caption The Senior Staffy Club said it was unfortunate but Butch did what was natural for a bird-dog in those circumstances

A dog sentenced to death after feeing his owner’s organization has been given a abide of hanging after a adjudicator awarded a judicial review.

Staffordshire bull terrier Butch was named “dangerous” by Merseyside Police after he was determined feeing the body in 2015.

Officers said the 10 -year-old dog, “whove been” captured in the Liverpool flat for several days, presented a danger.

But a hound benevolence responded Butch “did what was natural” and should be rehomed.

Judge Nigel Bird has now told a review of the seizure order and fairness of the court hearing.

‘Easily rehomed’

The precise cause of Butch’s owner’s demise remains unknown.

The force evaluated whether the swine, which is not a banned breed, presented a threat to others and concluded it did.

A judge sitting at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court agreed and told the dog’s demolition in April 2016.

But the Senior Staffy Club told Butch was a “friendly dog” and sought dispensation for a judicial revaluation at Manchester Civil Justice Centre earlier.

Media captionStaffordshire bull terrier Butch get executing reprieve

The charity spoke Butch’s owner, who had been ill for some time, had been in the process of signing him over to the benevolence when he died.

Spokeswoman Kate Lee replied a volunteer went to collect the dog from the owned but did not get an answer.

She said it was distressing and regrettable but Butch had done “what was natural for a dog” left without ocean or nutrient for a number of daytimes.

Ms Lee pronounced: “We were there; we were ready to take the dog from the police and take him in our kennels and assess him and find him a suitable home.

“That’s what should have happened.”

The dog has been in police kennels since the owner’s extinction in September 2015.

Merseyside Police said the Chief Constable has noted the court’s decision.

A date for the review must still be set.

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