Dreamy Photo Series Explores The Fragile Complexity Of Masculinity

Warning: This article contains nudity and may be unsuitable for work environments. Tyler Udall The tired phrase "Boys will be boys" is often used to excuse the immature, rowdy, troublesome behavior of young men because, apparently, it's in their nature. Photographer Tyler Udall's series "Boys" portrays a different, more complex, image of boyhood -- one...

These photos and stories reveal what childhood was like before U.S. labor laws.

For centuries in the United States, child labor was all too common. Despite efforts from educators to encourage primary school, an immigration boom in the latter half of the 19th century resulted in a new pool of child workers. The influx of low-earning, compliant young laborers coincided with the rapid expansion of industrial positions in mills and...

The must-see buildings at Open House New York 2016 – in pictures

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Photographer catches final moments of newborn’s life bonding with twin

(image courtesy Lindsey Brown Photography) William Brentlinger was supposed to be still-born, but the boy and his twin, Reagan, came into the world on Dec. 17. William lived only 11 days, but a photographer captured images of the siblings together in their first days. Parents Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, of Northwood, Ohio,...

Look at This Outer Reach of Space, Where Wind Hits 6 Million MPH

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Street artists bring political murals to Baltimore – in pictures

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