Best photos of the day: skijoring and a samba parade

The Guardians picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a Swiss carnival, sunset in Peru and Holi preparations in IndiaRead more:

Models Walked The Runway Dressed As Fruit Because Fashion Has Gone Too Far

Quick question: What does an oversized fruit costume make you think of? Chiquita Banana, the potassium mascot, perhaps, or maybe a set of dudes in cotton underwear? Well, I have news for you. Fashion and fruit now go hand and hand, especially if Charlotte Dellal has anything to say about it. The founder of brand Charlotte Olympia busted...

Scene of the crime: survivors of Guinea’s stadium massacre – in pictures

More than 150 people were killed at Conakrys football stadium when a peaceful opposition protest was attacked by the ruling juntas elite police in 2009. Thousands more were injured, many still living with the trauma and fighting for the government to admit liability for what happened. Photographer Tommy Trenchard has been documenting their storiesRead more:

The must-see buildings at Open House New York 2016 – in pictures

Hundreds of buildings not usually accessible to the public are open this weekend as part of Open House New YorkRead more:

Teen’s Apple Computer Collection Is Mac-nificent

How about them Apples? Alex Jason, 15, has more than 250 Apple computer products in his basement, and he hopes they will soon become a real museum exhibit. Courtesy of Alex Jason Alex Jason's collectionis currently housed in his family's 1,000-square-foot basement. Alex's so-called Apple Orchard currently takes up 1,000 square feet...

10 Mesmerizing Old-Fashioned Photos That Show Surfers In A New Light

This post originally appeared on National Geographic. PHOTOGRAPH BY JONI STERNBACH Oliver, Santa Barbara, California When it comes to worshiping the ocean, surfers are some of the world’s most passionate devotees.    It was this fervor that drew photographer Joni Sternbach to make portraits of them. “I was more...