The must-see buildings at Open House New York 2016 – in pictures

Hundreds of buildings not usually accessible to the public are open this weekend as part of Open House New YorkRead more:

Periscope sunk without Twitter’s wings

Periscopes app is slipping beneath the waves. It has steadily dropped from No. 23 on the overall iOS app charts in January to No. 441 this weekend. Now Twitter is adding Periscopes live streaming abilities to its own app, something it should have done from the start. Taking 21 months to build broadcasting into Twitter feels painfully slow,...

Best photos of the day: skijoring and a samba parade

The Guardians picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a Swiss carnival, sunset in Peru and Holi preparations in IndiaRead more:

Street artists bring political murals to Baltimore – in pictures

Baltimores Sandtown neighborhood saw a boom in activist-themed murals following the death of Freddie GrayRead more:

Faded grandeur: The artist who captures the beauty of derelict and deserted buildings across Ireland – BBC News

Image copyright Abandoned N.I. Image caption Rebecca's passion is capturing the ghosts of the past in old abandoned buildings Veronica's house meant a very long drive into the heart of Ireland.Don't ask where... Rebecca never gives addresses. She does not want people to go in and wreck and plunder buildings that...

7 Things All Couples Should Know About His And Her Health

Men and women are different in many ways, (Mars and Venus, anyone?) and there areheaps ofscientific evidence to support this idea. And obviously,each sexfaces varyingphysiological and psychological challenges due to physical, hormonal and behavioraldifferences. While both sexes face some health problems at equally high rates, there are certain health conditions that affect one sex more than the other. Men...