Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Features Bride’s And Groom’s Grandmas As Flower Girls

No two families are alike, and that’s what makes each respective wedding ceremony so unique.

Weddings reflect the happy couple’s tastes as well as their backgrounds, and some showcase their love for one another in very unique ways.

Some couples walk down the aisle for wacky songs, while others incorporate their touching theatrics into their vows like this signing bride.

Brides and grooms also make their beautifulday even more special by incorporatingfamily and loved ones into the program.

In many traditional weddings, fathers walk their daughters down the aisle, best friends manage the bridesmaids, and adorable little members of the family get to toss flowers down the aisle.

But depending on each couple, these roles can be flipped and adjusted to include any loved one that they want.

InJosh and Maggie Wakefield’s case, they had two special people in mind to fill the flower girl roles at their wedding.

But these flower girls are definitely not the traditional tiny flower girls we are used to seeing.

Check below to see photos of the couple’s sweet ceremony, showcasing the unexpected petal sprinklers.

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Josh and Maggie Wakefield were marriedat White Chimneys in Gap, PA,with both sides of their new family there to celebrate.

Though the wedding appeared pretty traditional at first glance, the bride and groomhad actually assigned a special position in the precession to both of their grandmas.

Maggies grandma Joyce, 75, andJoshs grandma Drue, 74, were asked to walk down the aisle together prior to the bride’s entrance…

…as her flower girls!

While this role is usually given to the tinier members of the family, the two grannies were happy to scatter petals together at the ceremony.

Though the novelty of the grandmas sprinkling flowers down the aisle was a cute enough sight on its own, the bride had actually given them their sweet assignment for a very sentimental reason.

Wakefield’s father has passed away in 2013 due to colon cancer, so it was extremely important to her for both of his parents to play important roles in her marriage.

While grandma Joyce served as one half of the flower girl brigade, her grandpaRonald gave her away at the altar.

Im sure that my father was looking down, smiling and laughing, at his mother throwing flower petals, with his father and me following from behind, she told the Huffington Post.

The beautiful day not only showcased the couple’s love, it also celebrated their family’s past, present, and future.

And in Wakefield’s father’s place,Joyce andRonald got to give their granddaughter the special day of her dreams.

If the amazingly sweet ceremony is any indication, the couple looks like they will be spending a long happy life together with their fun-loving family members in tow.

If you were touched by this loving wedding gesture,

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