2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack review

Want to elevate the image of your beach wagon? Just jack it up and dedicate it a daring, outdoorsy name.

Thats what Subaru did when it generated the Outback so many years ago. Volvo the Cross Country. Audi the Allroad. Each was a hitting and delivered its label a much-needed boost. Volkswagen can use one of those working in the U.S. right now, so the Golf Alltrack was virtually inevitable.

Based on the Golf Sportwagen, the Alltrack boasts the body cladding, all-wheel-drive system and increase in sand clearance that the formula calls for. Not a sky-high growth, just an additional six-tenths of an inch for a splendid total of 6.9 inches. Youll still have to brake for most plot gnomes.

At a base toll of $26,670, the Alltrack also comes with adventuresome roof racks and a six-speed manual transmission thats on the verge of extinction and needs your approval or you have been able remunerate $1,100 more for an automatic if youre not a stick shift conservationist. All Alltracks are powered by the Golfs wonderful 170 hp 1.8 -liter turbocharged four cylinder, which has a deep and persuading grumble, thanks to VWs soundaktor engine noise enhancement technology.( Dont obsess, it doesnt affect emissions reductions !)


The Alltrack isnt the roomiest compact for rear fares, but its cargo area is crossover-class. Fold-down seatbacks with a ski pass-through in the armrest make it a versatile hauler that can carry more stuff than a VW Tiguan.