20 things we don’t do anymore because of technology

    See if these sound familiar: Youre not sure where your U.S. road atlas is, or if you even own one. Its been so long since you licked a stamp, youve forgotten what it tastes like. Youve seen more scrumptious two-minute videos in the past week than youve consulted a cookbook in the past year.

    We all know technology is making things easier and less time-consuming, but its hard to believe how much our devices have transformed the way we live. Tasks and tools that once were routine now seem hopelessly out of date, after only a few years. Example: Who would post an ad on the personals page of a local newspaper? It sounds so Victorian!

    Here are some rituals that are no longer necessary in high-tech households. Teenagers may shrug, but if youre 20 or older, youll probably smile with nostalgia.

    1. Memorize a phone number

    Pop quiz: How many phone numbers do you know by heart? Some people dont even know their spouses number. Before our smartphones stored our friends contact information, we resorted to

    scrawling numbers on cocktail napkins, fearing we wouldnt them in the phone book. How times have changed.

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